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Buongusto Italian IcePicture mind numbing, refreshing cool. Taste tongue tingling fresh fruit flavors. Think of a non-dairy, fat free, cholesterol free, gourmet frozen treat made using real fruit. Now you’ve got it! Italian ice is the most exceptionally smooth and creamy, highest quality and boldest tasting frozen dessert available. And you get it in any flavor you can imagine! It combines the creaminess of premium ice cream and the light texture of shaved ice with a uniquely enjoyable flavor. Italian Ice cascades over your tongue with a silky smooth sensation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how great it tastes! Italian Ice is Flavorful Frozen Fun!

bUONgUSTO uses a proprietary process that combines bold fruit flavors with a super creamy texture to create our tasty non-dairy desserts everyone loves. We’re always creating new flavors and combinations. Here is a list of some of our customers Most Popular Italian Ice Flavors. If you don’t see the flavor you’re looking for on this list, don’t worry. We can create any flavor your heart desires including Red Bull, Monster and Mountain Dew flavors. Just contact us to let us know the flavor you want.


Gelato is Italian Ice Cream. Gelato simply means “frozen” in Italian.Gelato
Gelato is healthier. In a 4oz serving there are only about 8g of fat and 150 calories.
Gelato has over 50% less fat than regular ice cream. High fat content masks the true flavor of regular ice cream. With Gelato the true intense flavors come screaming through.
Gelato is only about 10% air. Regular ice cream is about 50% air. Less air gives gelato a silky smooth and exceptionally creamy texture with a much bolder taste.
One taste and the difference is clear. GELATO IS HEAVEN ON A SPOON!

Just like out Italian Ice, Gelato is available in a wide variety of flavors and we can create any flavor you can imagine. Here is a list of our Most Popular Gelato Flavors


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